Is nivo slider worth the buy?

thinking of buying this… looks good. anyone experience bad support or compatiblity problems?

Nivo slider is free.

EDIT: ah, unless you want to use it for WordPress … though you could use the free version with WP anyway.

For corporate usage it is worth to buy it, because you can reuse for unlimited project. Wordpress developer package include Premium Themes.

I use it, and I think it’s the bomb. Never had a need for the upgraded version, though.

What make you feel it’s the bomb?

Nivo’s my slider of choice. Not used the premium WP version, just the free one.

In case you’re not aware, I think “it’s the bomb” is American for “it’s really good”. :smiley:

I personally don’t like Nivo because it doesn’t degrade well if JS is off etc. (or as Gary Larson would put it, “blah blah blah Ginger”).

What do you use instead? I’d be interested to see some alternatives.

In terms of sliders, AnythingSlider is pretty good (although I preferred the older version than the current one, which I don’t find as good). It’s not necessarily accessible with JS off out of the box, but with some sliders like this it’s easy to tweak the CSS just a little to make things more accessible. (E.g. the container for the slides will normally have overflow: hidden set on it–either in the CSS or just through JS. I change that to overflow: auto in the CSS, so that when JS is off there is at least a scroll bar that allows some kind of access to the hidden slides. Maybe not a big issue, but I like the principle of content being accessible in some way with JS/CSS off.)

Another one I’ve played with recently is bxSlider. It also needs a few simple tweaks to make it more accessible, but as least there’s some hope of that. When I come across a new slideshow or other bit of JS I like to see what happens with JS off. In the case of Nivo (and a lot of others) you basically get a blank screen with JS off, which I really don’t like).

Another script I like is jQueryCycle, which can also be made accessible in some cases. (I’ve just linked to the super basic version there, but there are some [URL=“”]pretty cool things you can do with that one.

All that said, I’m about to turn away from all this stuff and head back to really simple web design–starting with things that work on even the simplest devices and work my way up. :slight_smile:

Yeah worth to buy this slide dude, I used this slide in some of my design, anyway take a look some free slide there, check this out

Not happy with the NivoSlider. I used it on one project and I noticed that when you left the page on it simply faded the text and made them unreadable.

I am not much on JavaScript, so I decided to go for another slider. I now use something very simple called sexyslider, it’s not free, but it’s very easy to use. I bought it from CodeCanyon and I’ve used it, I do recommend it. It’s very quick and responsive and it does the job. If you know CSS you can customize it to your appearance.

For me it’s not important if it’s free, but more if it’s good. I did not find another good free alternative. The Anything slider looks good though. I might try that next, considering it’s free. I love smooth running animations, bxSlider wasn’t as smooth as I’d liked :frowning: