Nice javascript error message

I don’t know about you but I hate poorly-written error messages that pop up when I’m happily surfing with my scriptblocker on. Or worse - no error message at all!

I found this one today which I thought was really well-written - it not only acknowledges that you might be choosing to block js but also tells you why you need to enable it.

It looks like you have Javascript disabled or NoScript plugin. In order to keep the content of this website free we must display advertisements on it that require Javascript. If you want to view the content of this website the author wishes that you to turn Javascript back on or turn off NoScript. This message will go away once Javascript is enabled and you press the “Back” button.

A rather long way of saying “Get lost. Go find some other site that provides the same information without all the restrictions this site enforces”. perhaps they are hoping that the unfriendliness of their site will not be talked about so much with the long winded message that some of their potential visitors would be unable to comply with even if they wanted to or maybe they hope it will reduce the possibility of their being sued due to their site discriminating against some disabled groups.

Not everyone has a web reader that supports JavaScript to even allow the remote possibility that they could turn it on and potentially screw up their ability to navigate the web.

There was a kMart web site that displayed a message like that at one point. They eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed amount (possibly several million dollars) with one of the conditions being that they remove that message from their site.