Anyone online today? getting Active X and script errors

Hi all.

does anyone know how to stop the Active X messages appearing to users on IE8?

and i have another script error in IE7,
my site is password controlled though,
so if youre online maybe you can help and we can chat


You can only stop the message FOR YOU by changing the default LOCAL IE settings. You can’t do that for your users with HTML/CSS/JS.

See your signature? That’s why we can’t help you. Without seeing the page in question ANYTHING we say here is a wild guess.

Though to take a wild guess, STOP throwing javascript at EVERYTHING for no good reason. See, activeX warnings also come up for javascript. NO js, no warnings… though usually the end user should only have to say “ok, allow” once for your page…

Though plugins can also trip the warning – so also just say no to flash.