NextGen Gallery/Wordpress - Thumbnails not showing

Thumbnails in the NextGen Gallery are randomly not appearing. This may be a browser issue in which case I’m open to any browser hacks you could have in mind. Or maybe there’s a reasonable solution. Sometimes if I type “index.php” in the URL the thumbs will appear and sometimes it won’t. Sometimes if I view a page then go backwards, the thumbs appear. Also, this is mostly happening in Safari (and beta chrome for mac).

Any suggestions?




Chrome beta

Chrome beta 2

Have you cleared your cache?

Try logging out of the wp-admin first then log in again

Go to gallery -> manage gallery -> click on the gallery -> choose all pictures in the gallery -> recreate thumbnail

No. Unfortunately that doesn’t work.

You’ll have to check then if the plug in created the thumbnails

Navigate to /wp-contents/gallery/YourGalleryName/thumbs

The thumbnails are created. The issue is that they randomly appear depending factors mentioned in the original post. If i click on a page and then go back the thumbnails will be there. Sometimes if I had “index.php” the thumbs will appear.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Solved. Without the height and width attributes defined in the IMG tag, the images were intermittent in some browsers. I know it’s good code to have it there but I didn’t realize it caused inconsistent results.