Nextgen Gallery Plugin Help Needed

i’m using the nextgen gallery on this page:

but i cant figure out what setting to change so that the thumbnails align horizontally across the page. right now, the first line has two, the second line 2, the third line just 1 and so on.

but i need a more consistent look. worst case scenario maybe it could be just 1 per line. but where in the world is the setting that changes that???

please advise. thanks in advance!

The quickest fix would be to overwrite the thumbnail images with uniform dimension versions. Just create your own thumbnails in PS, save them to a folder with the same name as on the web page, and upload them to your site.

The inconsistent look is due to inconsistent sizes of the images. If you uploaded all of your gallery images as 800x600, uniform thumbnails would be generated.

i also used nextgen gallery on my blog.what i did was i put them first on dreamweaver so that i can put them on a table then copy the codes then paste them on the wordpress theme, either on pages or post, just be sure you are on the html view before you paste the codes.hope this works for you!

It may not be a Next Gen problem, but a problem with the width of your content area. Try editing your stylesheet style.css. Look for this project or
#project-content and change the width from 450px to 1000px. The logos should them go across your page.