Newspaper Article On Open Source

I came across this article via a link in another forum and it’s rather worrying. It’s basically about different goventments views on open source and copyright. The view of the lobby group is concerning (3rd paragrapgh after the illustration) as that would affect many sites.

Definately! what would be of our lifes without linux or MySQL or Apache? If this is true, the situation is just getting ridiculous!.

And the IIPA have such a lovely FrontPage website!!

I wouldn’t worry - it’s simply too ludicrous to consider that this sort of thing would be taken seriously by any government. Most governments now use OS software somewhere down the line - I came across a UK Govt. Drupal site the other day.

Imagine - WordPress (illegal), Blogger (illegal), Spotify (illegal), Twitter (illegal) - oh, hang on… if Twitter becomes illegal maybe it’s a good idea!!

I suspect that someone here doesn’t like Twitter :stuck_out_tongue:

Newspaper source is an open source for article. It is good that you are sharing web link with others but if you want more news article. You can simply search over there.

Open Source can’t legally be deemed piracy, It retains the copyright of the author but is LICENSED for use (not handed out without prior written approval under license as per copyright law), with fewer limitations than a closed source solution. It doesn’t surprise me that those morons are behind this action (really), being the umbrella group for the RIAA and MPAA pretty much gives them all the justification to act in the form of a bunch of ignorant cyber terrorists who want to control every form of media, whether they own the rights to it or not. I’ve always been a big supporter of the open source movement and will continue to do so, even if there’s people who are scared that the open model will suffer their businesses because they want to remain attached to the ways of old. I guess this is something else for the net neutrality movement as it does affect the future of the Internet itself. The people behind this (and the RIAA by association) are the lowest forms of life in existence (IMO), I put them as worse than spammers and fraudsters (based on the amount of damage they’ve done).

Modern television sets use open source software to power their systems (like Linux) and so do cars and automotive transportation systems… so I’m guessing if open source becomes illegal half the worlds cars will need to be removed from the road and all televisions will have to be destroyed. Oh and let’s not forget the World Wide Web itself, while much of the Internet is powered by open source stuff like Apache and SQL, the WWW is entirely open source (the languages it uses) such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript - all of which are publicly visible. Any attempt to shut down the open source movement, especially when they author of the said product wishes to release their stuff as such is insane, it’s too deeply ingrained into our lives to be able to purge - any attempt to insight such regulations will soon dissipate. :slight_smile:

what’s linux? :confused:

Rudy: It’s a character in those Charlie brown cartoons, he hangs out with snoopy. :goof: