New Ways of Link Building

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I have one website with Page Rank 5 and backlink count in Yahoo site explorer is around 63000. It is a software company’s website and having blog with regular updating content also. I have said to do only ONE WAY and FREE link building with PR 5+ sites.

I am doing

Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Press Releases
Blog Commenting
Forums Posting
Social Media Optimization (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

So any body knows any other way to do link building excluding above mentioned methods which will be quality link building.

Also if someone have lists of PR 5+ websites (Directory and Business Listing) then please share with me.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry i meant to write squidoo,[/B][/COLOR][B]and yes make a word press blog as well with a 30 question formula what i call it. What evr you are trying to promote, try to think at least 30 questions people might have about that thing and answer them in form of posts. The best thing about word press is that for example if you gather 30 questions in your mind and you write 30 posts about it in form of article, then you can set time and date as to when you want your next post to show up in your blog. So what you will do is upload all 30 articles in a go and then set date on each of them as to when you would like your next post to be published. If i was you i would do 2 posts a week. So simple example is if i publish my first post today then i will set the date on next post to be published 3 days later. This way google will consider your blog quite active and rank it well. So you should start of with word press and then try the back linking techniques.

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One additional & very important step is Link exchange.

Why don’t you sponsor templates or ask for a link. There are many webmasters that think if they link out to bigger blogs that at some point that blog will link back to them. Just make it clear that you don’t know if the site will ever link back or in what fashion it will.

I might add video submissions on your list.

Reviews and Local advertisements

You could contact other high PR sites in your niche that do not directly compete with each other and create a link wheel with you being the base. This way everybody wins. :wink:

I suggest to start:

1- Classified Ads
2- Micro blogging

Try to get quality links.

I noticed that you don’t have video marketing include. There’s a free service called TubeMogul that will allow you to submit a single video to multiple video directories all at once. It’s worth looking into:)

I always recommend guest posting… Find relevant blogs with high PR and offer them your knowledge.
Nice idea is also hosting contests or give aways on some niche websites, they do not only give PR, but high traffic and customer loyalty

You can do squidoo lens creation,hub pages creation, and getting link from creating user generation pages creation…

Hi “seovcim”,

Please read the OP. I want other than the mentioned ways of link building. If you know other than these please share it here.

Guest posting. Contact blog owners in your niche and see if you can write a great post for them. You get tons of traffic and end up getting more great links for free from other people that read that blog.

new ways?? i dont think theres something new…except for maybe existing techniques you havent tried…

QA Posting
Site/Product Reviews
Classified Posting (if needed)

You have gotten a lot of great suggestions already. Most of what we do (aside from what you mentioned) other mentioned above as well (Squidoo, link exchanges, and classified websites).

Our website also sells software programs (you mentioned you have a software site as well). We have started to do random giveaways each week. Basically, we pick a program and host a giveaway on our blog. The required entry is to leave a comment stating your favorite feature. Extra entries often include leaving a post about the contest on your blog (this gets us a link).

I know you are looking at long-term link building and traffic ideas, but we also submit our giveaways to contest site ( The link is only active as long as you have a contest going, but we get a steady flow of traffic and since we host them every other week, this leads to ongoing traffic.

I recently found this list helpful:

100 Ways to Build Backlinks

Best of luck! :slight_smile: