New To Advertising: Need Advertisers. Anyone But Adsense/Google?

My site gets ~20,000-50,000 hits per month.

Any recommendations?

Im using wordpress and have an advertising plugin.

I just need to insert the html links for the advertisements :frowning:

One recommendation would be to switch your site traffic metrics to something other than “hits.” Hits can pretty much be anything. Someone could build a site that gets a million hits per single pageview if they wanted to. “Unique visitors” and “ad impressions” would probably be more effective numbers to focus on and possibly help you with better relating to advertisers.

What advertiser would be good for me?

Im running about 1,000 uniques/month.

Still need help :shifty:

At 1,000 uniques per month, you are stuck with Google in most cases.

Other ad groups worth checking out are ValueClick, Burst and Casale.

You need to get your traffic way up before the likes of Tribal or higher.


*And I have to agree on the “hits” comment. Never use hits. Visitors, Uniques, and pages opened all work. A “hit” can mean anything.

Why not google Adsense?

It is by far the best paying CPC Ad Network.

What is your website about? like what is your niche?

hey casbboy maybe u can help me… i posted in another thread but didn’t get any responses.

i just bought two game sites that get around 20mil visits/month and the old owners were using GA and other networks like this… i’m hiring a sales team for direct ads but are there any middle men with more premium advertisers that u know of?

I have multiple emails w/google. I tried to get it worked out/delete them, but its very difficult and communicating with google is difficult.


I’m averaging 120 uniques/day now. 2,900 for the month so far.

I’m shopping around right now.

I don’t want to raise a gasp or anything but I suggest not to place ads at all at this early stage. Try building up loyal readership, focus on content and getting your articles on bigger sites and slowly you’ll build the snow ball and advertising would be a good option then. Right now you risk sharing a bad UX.

I’m getting 350-400 now.

It’s growing exponentially as I’m going along. It just seems like I’m losing out on $ that could be used to grow it by re-investing into advertising. Bad UX? So it would hurt me to get advertising at this point?

At what number range do I need to hit before seriously looking into advertisers?

It really depends, for instance if you want to place just one discrete ad that wouldn’t hurt but if you’re going to spam google adsense from now, you’ll definitely loose here.

We at BuySellAds recommend users to generate at least 100,000 pageviews/mo until considering a really decent paycheck from ads.

I think it really depends on your end goals. Is making $30/month worth it if you find an advertiser?

Personally I would keep moving along. Maybe add one ad spot but rotate the ad showing CPA offers and also showcasing other parts of your site and then ratchet the % up when you see fit.

omg! OP must be frustrated.

He just wanted suggestions n networks geez!

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