New site:)

Hi mates!

I would like to know your opinion about our new site www.timer4web.com4. We developed it as a tool that allows users to check the changes that were made on the website over the years. Try it!

Can’t wait to hear your opinions.


Hey Johnny, could you say a bit more about the site, and what kind of feedback you are looking for? We’d prefer people not just post links, as it looks a bit self promotional. We allow people to post links if they explain what kind of feedback they are looking for, and ideally say a bit about the site, how you developed it, what you’re not sure about, what bits in particular you’d like feedback on. Does that make sense?

Hi @ralphm

First of all I would like to thank you for your message and I understand. I posted the link and question about our site in order to know the opinions of people. Try to know what they think, maybe get some tips what they like on don’t like. During the process of creation we try to combine many different tools and optimized it in one. We also like to know if the design is OK or it needs to be changes and of course the functionality of the web itself.

Thanks :smile:

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