New Problem with IE

I’m hoping someone might be willing to take a look at my Web site and its code. I have no idea where the problem might lie, so I can’t even formulate a specific question. Here are some facts to start with.

(1) The problem in on my home page: the pop-out menus do not work correctly with IE 9, Windows 7.
(2) The W3C validator passes the page as XHTML 1.0 Strict with no errors.
(3) The CSS validator passes the page with no errors.
(4) I use some Javascript, but as far as I know, there’s no Javascript code checker.
(5) The menus work properly in both Firefox and Chrome.

I am sure my menus had worked properly before on IE, but I can’t remember now whether that was IE 8 or IE 9. My production OS is Linux, and I only rarely boot into Window, and that only to check my Web site on IE. In any event, the basic logic for how the menus work hasn’t changed in ages. If someone could take a look at the code and perhaps give me a suggestion on why it’s not working on IE 9 now, I would really appreciate it. My Web site is

Thanks so much.


  1. The JavaScript code checker can be found at

  2. The popout menus appear to be working the same for me in IE9 as they do in other browsers so whatever problem you are seeing is not happening for ecveryone - try clearing your browser cache and see if that makes any difference.

Thanks so much, Stephen. I must admit that I rebooted into Windows with much doubt. But lo and behold when I cleared eventhing (cache, cookies, etc.), the menus worked properly! But if you have another minute or two, could you explain how cache could have caused the problem? I always try to learn as much as I can from problem solutions. I even noticed that one of my settings was to “automatically” look for latest page version. Here’s something that might help in diagnosing the problem. I neglected to describe what the problem had been for me, so here it is:

(1) In the main vertical menu, the right side border did not appear.
(2) Even without the mouse over any part of the main menu, when one of the main menu items has a popout, I have an arrow at the right hand side of the main menu item name. Those arrows were missing.
(3) When moving the mouse down the main menu, the secondary menus poped out, but when you moved the mouse onto it to select an item, the whole poped out column immediately disappeared.

Again, where’s the connection with cached pages? I’d really love to learn the explanation. Thanks so much.