IE problems with my site

Some of my site’s users are telling me that the menu is not appearing well on IE, I’m on a Mac so I can’t really see what’s going on.

It works fine for me on the other browsers, here’s the site:

Any help on fixing it is appreciated.

Also any pointers on testing IE on a Mac if at all possible?

“Not appearing well” isn’t much to go on. I’m on a PC with IE8 and Firefox. Both look the same.

In IE9 the menu doesnt appear at all.

The menu boxes are there. I think this is a problem between IE9 and cufon.

Someone else will have to verify this and offer advice, though.

My “diagnosis” is a calculated guess and the only things I could suggest are search the web for cufon fixes or use another source for your fonts.


Your wordpress stats script at the bottom of the page is below the close </html> tag. Nothing should be below the close </html> tag.

I can see it in IE9: Home, News, Activities, etc.

Yep, looks like it has been fixed. drtanz, Please let us know what you found. If someone else with the same problem visits the forum, we can share your solution with them.


Yes, I managed to fix it. I ran a search for ‘Cufon and IE9’ and it turns out there is a new version of Cufon which I had to upload.

Cool, thanks for the info. Cufon has had a rocky start but it sounds like they are getting their act together. Good to know.