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Private messaging

The Private Messaging system is the best way to communicate with individual forum members or to discuss private matters that arenít relevant to a discussions. Private Messages (PMs) are bound to SPF guidelines plus a few extras:

  • Donít use the PM system to ask for help if your problem is being discussed in a thread. This will prevent others to participate and help you.
  • Donít PM all the participants of a thread to offer compensation to do a job.
  • If you need a programmer, a designer or any service, use the Marketplace and post in the appropriate section.
  • Donít send spam through the PM system.
  • Reports of harassment via the PM system are thoroughly investigated by our staff. Remember: youíre using an electronic system that belongs to SitePoint. All communications are recorded.

To report an unwanted PM, click the Report PM image on the top right of the message.

Visitor messages

Visitor messages are a way to leave a note on someone's profile. It is visible to everyone that visits that profile. All Forum rules are applicable to Visitor Messages. In addition to that:

  • Don't spam other members' profiles to advertise your services, company, sites, store, products, etc., etc.
  • Don't use your own profile to advertise your services, company, sites, store, products, etc., etc.
  • Don't invite or suggest other members to visit your profile.

To report an offensive visitor message, use the Report link at the bottom of each message.

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