New challenges

My kids start school next year, which will give me a couple more hours in my day! I’ve decided to make the most of it by upskilling. I’ve enrolled in Coursera’s Social Psychology course.

How are you going to challenge yourself next year?

Improve my internet marketing skills.

It’s that time of year eh? :wink:
Well, I’ve been trying to find time to dedicate on android app development. Let’s hope I’ll have more success next year :smiley:

Feel your pain!

If I get to improve my knowledge in any possible way, I’d be happy. :lol:

Learn Chinese… seriously!

“Social Psychology” sounds very interesting. I have been a student of Human Psychology my entire life!
Best of luck with the online courses*. I am pleased to see that knowledge is so much more accessible to us now as a result of the Internet and the various resources dedicated to education (Coursera, Khan Academy, Learnable).

*How do you expect this will apply to your job here, as Galactic Overlord?

am going to challenge new year with setup of my OWn company…!!
and by multiplying my Earning from which i will serve to my family and nation and all the other needy people in the universe

Every once in a while I enjoy taking classes so I get the chance to mingle with fellow web developers in a fun environment, which is a big change from my freelancing lifestyle. I love the atmosphere of the classroom (after 31 years of teaching high school math, it is ingrained in me). I plan on taking a graduate certificate course in mobile computing at a local college. The problem is that I applied last year and they had to cancel because of low enrollment (this is only the third year it has been offered).

I have a new business idea to work on, and will also try out MF and LF cameras to see if it may give me some new ideas or kicks. The biggest challenge however will probably be to finish my lawn, which has been postponed for a long time now :stuck_out_tongue:

There is science behind the way you all behave here as part of a community. I’m keen to tap into that.

My challenge is to convert an old Apache Php blog site to use Golang.

I will learn more about SEO.


I want to get into node.js, and use it for something (not sure what yet, but I don’t think the world needs another web server).

want to improve my internet marketing skills

I’ll be trying to get out of bed before 10am :slight_smile:

By George! That’s a task!

I have plenty of plans throughout the year, but recently so many unpredictable things have squashed each and every single plan that I had which is why I no longer plan for the future. I’m happy if I get the time to do something today because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.


Certainly is Maleika! apparently it’s all in the pronunciation…

My challenge would be getting out of bed AFTER 10am… It is the worst part of going to the office, waking up so early :frowning:

I usually wake at 05:00 and wait for the muezzin to start his adhan.

Me too. :slight_smile: In fact, if I can just stay well I’ll be happy. Anything else I can achieve will be a bonus. I’d like to really get to grips with JS and PHP, but I’ve learned not to set too many targets and just take each day as it comes.

I’d also like to do some teaching. I’ve had a couple of folk ask if I can teach them tatting, so maybe I’ll get that arranged. I love passing on skills like that, and it’s great to do something away from the computer. :slight_smile: