Netbeans ide 8

Just installed netbeans ide 8 for windows, have not used it before but it looks interesting. Used the " latest JDK with NetBeans IDE Java SE bundle." After the install, when i went to open a new project i don’t have the option to select php. only java & examples.
How do i get the other options,like php, html etc…?

Thank you

This might help:

Well. actually no.
thx, but i have already been to that page. & i don’t get the options of selecting php.
“1. Start the IDE, switch to the Projects window, and choose File > New Project. The Choose Project panel opens.
2.In the Categories list, choose PHP.”
As you can see in the image i attached, i select new project, But i don’t 'have the option to title it and the categories are limited.

Ah I get it sorry. Looks like you don’t have a PHP plugin installed. It’s been a little bit since I used Netbeans. Judging by the screenshot it looks like you might have downloaded the Java SE version instead of the HTML5 & PHP version.

How about this link?

I think you’d be better off just installing the full 203mb version instead of just trying to get the PHP plugin though. Make sure you get all the little tidbits you might have missed. I generally just go with the most robust versions of IDEs.


Actually thank you for suggesting that the version was incomplete. I was following up on in that advs that the java bundle would include all of netbean. up to php & html, so i thought i just wasn’t accessing it properly.
i went back to the main site & downloaded & installed the actual netbeans & now…Sweet potato pie!
It works.

If you plan to use the IDE for PHP in your job, and you have not checked out PHPStorm. Then you might want to give that one a shot as well.

It does has a small license fee, but if you use the IDE professional the additional features will fast recover the cost.

Netbeans is a good IDE, we used it for a few years, but after we checked out PHPStorm we have not looked back. I am certain that the last two years, just using PHPStorm has saved the company tens of thousands due to improved performance of the developers.