Trying to use netbeans as my IDE

Im switching to this as an IDE in place of DreamWeaver.
So I installed it, as well as the FTP plugin which I guess Ill need.
Anyway I allready ran into a wall.
Just to see if its working, I tried to FTP the PDO folder onto the server

How do I know if it works?
cause I dont see it on my server
My servers filemanager to check if the upload happened

Can I get help?

I don’t know about the NetBeans FTP (didn’t even know one came with NetBeans), but I use a separate FTP client such as Filezilla, or WinSCP. They are free and I have never had issues with either of them.

Its a plugin I found,
I just wanted to make it easy to FTP my files to the server straight from netbeans (like I can with DreamWeaver)
I also notiiced this, I opened up a file in NetBeans

and lets pretend I want to test it, so if I hit the “run” icon (green arrow), I get

Shouldnt that work?
If I open NetBeans again, I see some errors in the network monitor, does that have anything to do with the error?

a thought occurred to me, it might be the browser,
so I changed the Project Browser to the included one this (which I guess preferred)
ran the page, get

does that help?

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