Negative feedback on font

Hi from York UK just before my lunchtime…

I need a fix to my font on this site:

I’ve been getting negative feedback regarding the font so i open it to sitepoint members to give a font style recommendation.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If in doubt use Helvetica (fall back on Arial for Windows) and Georgia for the body, or Georgia for the titles and Verdana for the body.

The combination of serif / sans-serif; title / body, or vise-versa works well and the fonts above work particularly well on the web medium which is why you see them everywhere.

Make sure you use font stacks in order to support all platforms, Mac and Windows:

Also as well be careful of your contrast. The paragraph under “York wedding photographer” is difficult to read because it sits over the photo.

The current font seems “in my face”.

Century Gothic always looks nice (in my opinion) :slight_smile:

Do i pick a font family for the body ie-
font-family:“Trebuchet MS”, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

But which one does it pick. And can i control the font in other tages ie:


But does the font look any better now for page

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Assuming all fonts are available, the first will be picked. Though, say Trebutchet MS isn’t available, it would then look to Arial, by some twist in fate, that isn’t available, it’d look to Helvetica, etc etc.

Font still…sticks out too much. Too in my face, for me anyway.

Hey Ryan does a century gothic font family exist? In dreamweaver - (yes I can here your disgust across the pond) it doesnt pick up a font family with gothic :frowning:

Make sure to wrap the name in quotes (because of the space between words):

font-familily: “century gothic”, arial, …

Looking at the site, I’d say the main font problems are:

  • font size is too big. Reduce to 1em for paragraphs
  • too bold. Remove the bold from the paragraphs and they’ll be less ‘in your face’

Fonts with more then one word have to be wrapped in quotes, as Ralph has indicated.

Make a stack ( a selection of fonts from what you want to what available). Even if you picked a good font, it could be your that viewers ONLY have helvetica. It is possible (and actually quite easy) to make a great design with only web-safe fonts, perhaps the issue is not so much the font but the lack of font-weight and size modulation ( not everything HAS to be bold, 18px type…lol)

Thanks everyone for your input. Ive put this in the css

body {
font-family:“Century Gothic”,Tahoma;

But i’m not convinced its done anything :frowning: I would be eternally gratefull if anyone could let me know if ive done it correctly.

The site is

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It has certainly changed the font to Century Gothic, but you won’t see that change if you don’t have that font on your computer.

Still reckon you need to lose the bold, though.

Ah ive just read the following -
“At the end of the list of font choices, you should insert a generic font family”

I guess a more pertinent question is -
" What font familt does does century gothic relate to"

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

"Century Gothic", Tahoma, [COLOR="Red"]sans-serif[/COLOR];

Hi Ralph…

Thank you so much, Ive now added this to the CSS:

body {
font-family:“Century Gothic”, Tahoma, sans-serif;

But i dont see any change :frowning: Ive refreshed the page and rang the friend who first told me it looked horrible but he says there no change either.

Can any one confirm that the font is definately being style or have a made a balls up somewhere.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I can assure you it’s working. But if you don’t have that font on your computer, you won’t see it. Have you checked for installed fonts?

Thanks Ralph, i am looking through the lense of Safari on a mac which might have something to do with it :slight_smile:

Nah, I’m on a Mac too. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph its all fixed now and thank you eveyone else, av a good weekend all :slight_smile: