CSS Font - Century Gothic

I am currently designing a site, in which the main navigation uses the font, century Gothic. Ideally, I would like to do it in CSS, however I am concerned that I will cut people out by using that font. Is there a more-safe font to use? Is century-Gothic safe enough as long as I make the add more fonts in the cascade. (ie. font-size:“Century Gothic”, Arial, san-serif;) Or would be best to just use images,( I would perfer not to) as I am trying to make the site as accessible as possible. Thanks for input.

Century Gothic seems to be quite popular:

But you should definitely have a generic font-family (sans-serif) defined.
Also a secondary font name would be good - try to find one as similar to Century Gothic as possible (which can be hard).

You can check how the secondary font will look (when the primary one is not installed on visitor’s computer) here:

Thank You. I appreciate the links. I bookmarked them and will definitely reference them in the future.

Here you go - Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents - that will give the whole string of fonts you should add.

How can Arial be less than 100% on Windows machines? It comes with Windows and I doubt 6% of Windows users delete it from their machine, let alone know where the Fonts live. Weird.