Need to convert MS Access to MS SQL

I build a website for a company who sells bathroom vanity vancouver area. The site is built with ASP + MS Access. At the beginning, it runs perfect. After a few months, it’s running slower. Now the responsing time is around 25 seconds per page. I think I need to convert it to MS SQL. Somebody give me some advise for how to do it?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


google “convert MS Access to MS SQL”

there are hunnerts of utility programs you can make use of

there are hunnerts of utility programs you can make use of

Not really necessary. MS SQL already has DTS (Data transformation servers) which allows you to import data from a Access database. It is not perfect and you might well need to check the construct of the tables and indexes but on the whole its not bad.

The second step is to make your application use the MS SQL database rather than the Access database. Changing the database connection will undoubtedly be fairly straight forward but you might also need to alter the sql statement syntax which might prove more challenging.

One thing you might like to try is doing a “Compact and Repair” operation on the Access database. This should really be done on a regular basis otherwise it performance does tend to degrade.