Need to convert MS SQL to Access

I have an MS SQL database that I need to convert to Access, or export to Excel (which I can later import into Access). There seem to be lots of options.

Does anyone here recommend one over the others?


i’m lazy, so the way i’ve done this in the past goes like this:

create a linked table in access, which lets you read the sql server table, then do

  INTO new_access_table
  FROM sql_server_table

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Ok, I can’t get this to work, and I suspect the MS SQL database was exported incorrectly.

They gave me a zip file, that when unziped contained a .bak file. I know nothing about MS SQL, so I don’t know what to look for to verify that this file is what I need.

Any tips?

You’ll need to restore that to a running MSSQL server. Luckily for you, sql express should do the job. Procedure is something like:

  1. Install sql express with tools
  2. Open tools
  3. Create a database with the name you want to use.
  4. Right click, choose restore
  5. Follow prompts. Make sure the check the “force restore over existing database” box.

Why does it need to be in access anyhow?

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to sql express, nor am I allowed to install anything on this machine. But I suppose I could resurrect my XP machine at home and install sql express on that and try it. But at some point, the data needs to get into Access.

That’s what we use for our website’s database. :frowning:

Gotcha. I should note that its not uncommon for something to install sql express on your machine, such as microsoft office. That and if you are supposed to get something done – how can your employer expect for you to do it without the tools to read the files?

Well they’re more than willing to purchase a converter, which is why I was originally asking for recommendations on one. :slight_smile:

The “converter” is to use Sql Server of some flavor . . .

That’s handy, and cheaper than the paid ones I was looking at :wink: