Need some high value badges to add to my website!

Hello All,

My website is official website for financials and banking stuff, medium scale website with approx 20,000 visitors daily.

I’m in a need of some certificates, badges, cool official certifications to add to my website declaring we are following the official standards or something like that. However, we might not be following, but yet this will be good step to set new goals and have it done quickly to add the badge / obtain the certification conditions.

I’m looking for something like … W3c valid for example, to be added to my footer … sure w3c is easy one, free and not that value.

Any ideas ?

PCI Compliance is probably the top one, given that any sensitive data (especially banking / financial information) needs to be very secure.

Another would probably be a “hacker safe” type certification that would show that you are active in protecting the data that is on the website.