Certifications available?

I have read, here, that most don’t feel certification is valuable. However, as a former hiring manager myself, every little advantage mattered to me in discovering who I might hire. All verified education shows the willingness to stick to a commitment and access the benefits that come from that commitment. So, here’s my question:

Does SitePoint offer any certification that a course has been successfully completed?



Not as far as I know.

@mrlagmer might know otherwise.

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Thank you. I didn’t see any certifications but I am not always the most observant :slight_smile:
I will check in with the resource you’ve mentioned!

Given the nature of the beast that is these forums, I shudder to think, tbh.

“Well the right way to do it is…”

“The course says to do it…”

Short of a rather limited syntactical “your code doesn’t usually explode when you write it”, or implementing a set of standards that don’t actually exist except in the certifier’s world, it’s devilishly hard to authoritatively decide what code is right or wrong.

“I’m certified in Microsoft Word”… “Okay… so you know where the file menu is and you can type in lower AND uppercase. Great.”

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Well, your post made me laugh. Thanks for that. I’m just trying to assume that if I show code that makes sense to a hiring manager (which, given my experience with every coder, yes, they would have done it different, somehow), I could also show the stick-toitivenes to show I will sit through class and complete it. It’s a semi-soft skill but still valuable, imho. But, I think you’ve answered my question. Thanks, again!

I once read that a lot of certifications were falling out of favour because people were learning enough to pass the certification, rather than learning enough to know the subject. That was some time ago, so maybe things have changed again.


I support the notion to have Certifications. Because why not? Its a good way to show an achievement. Ultimately how employers sees it is another thing. A Certification can never be a good measurement or show of competency because things advances so fast and there are always new knowledge around. People would be doing themselves a huge favour by understanding that having Certifications is like reaching a milestone, but the journey is far from done and there is still so much ahead! Certifications = Competency? Certainly there are much more factors than Certifications alone.


We have AWS course that contains the practice exams. Once you complete this course you would be ready to take the certification exam. We don’t however provide that certification you would need to use a 3rd party for that.



Certification of a course I wouldn’t care too much. I’m not under any illusion that anything that’s worth learning can be taught in a matter of months (even though the trend seem to suggest people would like that).

Having successfully finished college or university is another matter. That’s been going on for years and has beside giving people knowledge on the subject also given them a way of thinking about the subject, which in my mind is a far greater feat. It’s not just superficial recipes on how to do XYZ, but really goes back to first principles on why you would even do XYZ and/or if there are alternatives.

But that’s not bulletproof either - I’ve seen examples of people with education that performance more poor than I would have expected and people without education that performed way better than I would have expected.

In the end you really need to talk to a person to know what they’re capable of.

I don’t think Sitepoint share any certifications.
Just wanted to say, you should look for portfolios, and not for the certifications. There are many certifications available and anyone can complete them easily, but what matters is if they know how to do it.
And if they have a good portfolio, that means they know the game.
Thank you

Understood and thanks for your feedback. I just figured since SitePoint offers classes they might offer proof of someone having finished the class. Of course, an online class can never prove that a subject has been mastered. So, yes, portfolios are always expected.

I do not agree with this, because certification is important, as I have seen from my own experience.

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