Need some help to this question

I’d like to ask what programming language is good for desktop application? I’ll going to create a Daily Time Record System here in our office. I’ll be waiting for your answers thank you so much.

It depends largely on what OS your office has. Windows I guess?

If you using windows systems for office then .net is great otherwise java is best.

Yeah, our office used Windows, I tried Java so I download the Java SDK and Java Development Kit so that I can create a program using GUI Swing. It that will be help a lot?

I see, how come .net can be a desktop application, all I was thinking is that .net is good for web hehe

I chose the JAVA and I’m downloading everything to create now. You good in JAVA?

Both Java and Window’s languages (i.e. C# VB) are capable of desktop GUIs.

But you may be getting ahead of yourself by thinking of the GUIs, IMHO the first thing to do is outline what you want/need the app to do in more detail, then figure out how to best do that. Even though it is tempting to get right at things, time spent in planning is time well spent.

What is the general purpose and goal of the app? eg. lack of trust in employees, analyze work flow, etc?
The app will need to somehow “know” when and who. Log in - log out? Work station keyboard/mouse activity?
What data? name/id, datetime, files accessed/modified?
Where to put data? database, filesystem?
What to do with data once you have it?

My intuitive thought is that writing in Windows for Windows would be better, as anything in Java will need to tie into Windows anyway. But if you do better working with Java than C#/VB and time is a factor maybe not so much.

So it sounds like internal application that’ll be used by multiple users. In that case, why not write internal web application. After all, browser is already installed on their computer. I strongly feel…writing Java Swing application is pretty much the same effort in writing web version… IMO, I think it’s easier to write web application. It doesn’t have to be Java either. If you’re pretty new to web world then I guess PHP has the least learning curve. I’d stay away from desktop application because I’ve supported thick client application and I always get “It works on A computer but not on B computer”. Too much maintainance issues.

Actually, there are free open source one.

Not that I used those but if it works for your need then why not use it?