Need some help for a photoshop project

Hi my name is john, I’m 21, I’m from Switzerland and I’m looking for a person who knows a lot about Photoshop.
I’m currently working on a huge and very important project that I have to finish for next Friday, the thing is that I’m completely blocked.
Here is my problem, once I done all my modifications and when I print my document, it looks like it has been “printed” the resolution or the quality of the image doesn’t seems enough good to me. I want to improve that and I want that this document looks more authentic but I don’t know what’s the best format or resolution that I have to choose. The second thing is that when I print the document, it doesn’t fill the full page (A4). I tried to edit the right format in the printing settings but it still printing the same, the image is in the middle of the page.

When I scan the original document, do I have to save it as an image or as a pdf what’s the best format ? (The maximum resolution of my scanner is 2000pxl)
I’m wondering the same thing for the printing format.

Sorry if it’s not clear my english is not so good, I can’t find the good words.

My best guess is to check the Document size first in Photoshop and if it’s set to A4 size.

Resolution should be at 300.

To check, go to Menu bar > Image > Image Size.

Hope this helps.

I already did that, when I print the image the image is in the middle of the page the image doesn’t fill the full page even if I choose the A4 format.
And the thing is that once printed the document doesn’t look well I mean it doesn’t look like the original one.

It might have something to do with the printer settings then. I’m not sure how your printer panel looks like but there’s should be a section there where you can change the quality of the print and remove the borders on the edges allowing you to use the entire page for printing.

If you want, you can send me a copy of the file so I can check it on my end as well.

Best of luck.