Export PDF to PhotoShop & Keep Quality


I have a business card in PDF format and I need to make one change to it (but I do not have the original image, I just have a PDF of the card). Is there a way I can export the PDF to PhotoShop and still keep the PDF quality?

Right now when I export the PDF as a JPEG image or open the PDF in PhotoShop, there is a dramatic quality lose. I am hoping since Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe PhotoShop CS Version 8 are both made by Adobe, there would be a way to export a PDF from one to the other.

Is anyone familiar with a way I could get the PDF in PhotoShop without losing the quality?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Your PDF file may be in a vector format and importing to Photoshop results in converting it to the raster form.
You could import it in a high resolution (300 dpi or even 600 dpi), but it’ll be still a raster document.

To keep the vector format, you have to edit your b-card in Illustrator for example.

I would have thought just opening the PDF in Photoshop would be fine. Remember to set the correct resolution when opening it. It will however rasterize it I believe.
What exactly do you mean by quality loss?
(btw, there will always be loss of information with a jpg, so avoid that option if possible)

lol Varelse, you must have posted the same time as me (with pretty much the same answer).

Thank you for the posts.

I did a test. I copied the PDF business card to my desktop, right clicked on it and said “Open With” Adobe PhotoShop CS. I then saved this as a PDF on my desktop using PhotoShop. I then opened it in Adobe and the quality of the business card was very poor. I am not exactly sure how to state this but it was very fuzzy (not crisp like the original PDF). So maybe my issue is saving the image as a PDF from PhotoShop. How do other people save their images as PDFs? This business card is for my dad and he had an issue with the guy who original created the business card so all he has is the PDF the guy sent to him a few years ago.

I ended up getting this to work. What I did was opened the PDF using PhotoShop. I saved the file as a PDF but I increased the resolution from 72 to 500. This made the quality of the image greatly improve when someone viewed the image in Adobe as a PDF.