How to set up your own affiliate program

How to set up your own affiliate program ?
Waiting Suggestion !!

you can signup with and pay them monthly fees or setup your own program using a ready made script such as maybe?

You can do it via either uploading affiliate software to your own server, having it remotely hosted, having a 3rd party take care of your affiliate program via using an affiliate network or something along them lines.

There’s some affiliate software reviews here.

Well, it depends on what would you like to sell. Tangible goods, website memberships, show tickets? If for example it would be a website memberships then you could use ready solution from payment processing company like CCBill or Epoch. If you are planing something bigger on huge scale then maybe the better idea would be to setup your own merchant account with customized affiliate CMS software. Post more details and maybe I will be able to answer your question in more specific way. :slight_smile: