Need more than one dedicated server


My site got big enough for one server to handle. So I guess I need one more? how it is done? where should I go to look for? Is load balancing is the only solution?

It really depends on teh structure of the site - load balancing may need more work than just adding a duplicate server if there are things like a central database and scripts with file uploads to work on.

For a simple static site, then load balancing should be easy to implement, for something more complex then maybe a database / front end split might be a better option.

I guess the first consideration is what is reaching capacity on your server. Is it memory, or disk space?

If you’re ever unsure of how to go about expanding your server infrastructure, do not hesitate to ask for suggestions from Dedicated hosting providers. They would be able to provide ideas and solutions of increasing your server capacity.

Until you know what is the reason your single server isn’t enough, we can’t help really.

It is equally possible that your current server could be tweaked and tuned to run much better under load so you don’t even need a second server.

I believe you need to get biger server instead of getting 2 of them. I believe that would be cheaper for you. In any way you can use one server for web site and the second one for the database.

It’s near impossible to advise you in this sort of situation without more information. How have you come to the conclusion that your server isn’t cutting it?

The next step would to look into cloud solutions. That is my recommendation if you are out-growing several dedicated servers. It will in the end cost around the same as a couple dedicated solutions but be much more efficient.

I don’t know that I’d immediately suggest that - it could be that the site isn’t outgrowing it’s current environment and that the current provider is just a bit too stingy and/or overloaded.

It would be nice if the OP would tell us why they think they need to upgrade and what limitations they are currently hitting.

Even more likely is that something on the site is not well tuned. I remember implementing static caching on one of my TYPO3 sites. It improved performace 150x. You read that right it’s 15000% improvement from being able to serve some 2-3 pages per second to well over 500 pages per second. So that would be the first thing to check if CPU and memory are in question. If it’s disk or bandwidth then I guess it is obvious what to do…


It’s impossible to say, as you’ve not given us any of the information needed to come to a decission:

  1. What spec if your current server?
  2. What are you doing?
  3. What software are you running?
  4. Have you optimised the server?
  5. Have you optimised your software?

Cloud hosting out of the box will not help you contrary to what others have posted - cloud hosting it still going to be limited in a single system image to the same as a single dedicated server - sure you can have multiple “cloud” instances, but then we’re back to the same question as you’re asking i.e. How do I scale it out?


I personally think if you are looking at more than 1 or 2 dedicated servers, you should be looking at cloud solutions. In the end it will save you more money and keep performance from plateauing…

Cloud solutions don’t fit every use - a lot of people say its the answer to everything… some cases it just doesn’t work, some websites / code just don’t scale.