Need Idea and Help for a Blog Website


I am creating a blog website using PHP and MySQL. I got the idea like users can make a post. other users can comment on the post. User can also post his article on twitter.

Right now i have only this in mind but if you got some better ideas then please tell me

Also, i want to add a website monitoring/statistics script inside the admin panel which tell the statics e.g. total no. of visits on a page, and some other functionality but i am not sure what kind of script i use

I like this website link but i can find the source code for it because its all in video very fast.

So please tell me what script can i use to achieve this one.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Better use CodeIgniter Framework it’s very easy to use and easy to manage. Go to their website read some manual and you’re good to go. Here’s the site:


also i want a statistics script for my admin panel. any idea which one will be the best ??


right now in my blog website i am showing the posts of users directly on the main page. A user post have the following attributes: Post Title, Post Body, Date Created. and Created by.

Its all working fine but i want some thing like that a guest user click on the Post title and after that he can get all the attributes of that particular post created by the user. So i dont know how do i do this,

Also i also need to make a commenting system for each but i am not sure that how do i map it for a post.

i.e. suppose if there are 10 post currently on the index.php page and a guest user want to do some comments on post no. 5 , then how can i achieve this.

Help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Turn the post title into a link, with the linked page showing solely the article itself, the attributes, all comments (maybe paginated) and allow the user to post a comment on a form there.

Make the form go to a standard form handler, sending the post ID as:

<input type="hidden" name="PostID" value="<?php echo $PostID; ?>" />