How to get high PR Social Bookmarking Sites?

Friends, is there any source where we can find high PR social Bookmarking sites? We want to improve search engine ranking of our website. For that we would be using these sites for link building. However, we only want to crate links at High PR sites. How can we find High PR bookmarking sites?:slight_smile:

Hi yes we can find high PR social Bookmarking site to improve our websites ranking by searching in Google.Its one the way to search social sites.

Thanks. But can you provide me any specific site.

Sorry, but not on here. We donโ€™t allow people to provide lists or suggestions of forums, blogs, social media sites or anything like that, because it is seen as encouragement to send spam. That may or may not have been your itnention, but the answer is the same either way.

I think I saw some on seoclerks recently. Iโ€™m not sure but they were really cheap, like $2 or something.

Try these,, and