Need helps to develop PHPCORE framework

I’m developing a PHP framework which aim to

  • Easy and simple to use, not tons of codes to look at :blush:
  • MVC supported
  • Work with packages from Composer
    The link of my project as per below
    It is just a bunch of codes right now but at least it works. Basically, these are the features in this project for now
  • A simple MVC framework
  • A simple exception handler
  • Support Doctrine 2 due to Composer
    I need any helps to improve my project for
  • Testing module
  • Logging module
  • Authorization services, etc…
    If you’re interested in developing framework please have a look at my project. Any contributing are appreciated.

In my opinion the last thing the php world needs is yet another “MVC” framework. Especially as more and more people migrate from php to more modern technologies and APIs.

Agreed. I work with for my jobs. But, php is still convenient in some situations. That’s the reason I developed this framework.

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