Need help with positioning of images one on top of the other

Hi again,

Still working on redoing my jewelry site. I have a page where I want 2 images stacking. Towards the bottom. I am not sure how to accomplish this. I have tried using divs, adding an extra <p></p>, and the famous <br>…way too many of them. How can I achieve the stacking for the 2 images? I don’t want to use tables. I guess that I could use rows for those sections. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Did you mean this?

.lftF { clear: left}
.rtF { clear: right}

That worked. Thank you so much. I do have a question though so I can understand better what is going on. Why am I clearing? I added the css code to the .lftF and .rtF just below the float: left or right.

When you float something it will float to the right or left as far as it can. If you float one item left it floats left; and if you float two or more items they will all float left assuming there is room for them to do so.

If you float left and then say clear:left at the same time then each float that you float to the left must avoid (clear) any floats to its left and therefore stack in a column (and vice versa for right floated elements).

Does that make sense?

Sorry for not answering this sooner. This does make sense now. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge with me and helping me become a better web designer.