My code are these 2 websites:

This is my website:

The 3 boxes on top are perfect the way they are. I need to make another row under that with the exact 3 boxes, but different pictures in them. I know how to change the pics but how do i make the thing come right under it? Please help me. THanks

Also, i am using telnet and the server is linux. Thanks


If I understand correctly you have three floated divs across the screen and you want another three underneath?

If so just clear the three divs and start a new row.


[B]<div class="clear"></div>
[/B]<!-- then add three more divs etc.. -->
<div class="img" .... etc.


Hey listen, i dont understand, do i put the first code or second in my thing??

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about your thing:)

Whatever system you are using this line goes in the html after your first three images.

[B][B]<div class="clear"></div>

Then this code goes in the css file wherever you are keeping that.


If you are using some kind of editor then how you enter that code will be up to your documentation.

Or did you mean something else?