Need help with ASCII text

One thing also there is a page in my website which i totally copied and its fine cause it was open code.
this page
The thing is i have tried to copy the text since its making an ascii text representation.
This text i want to save it in the notepad text and let the people download the content and also save copy to me.
Actually its too much i am asking but i have tried very much to save it like that…
Even tried zero clipboard copy also but it seems to be not working or maybe i am using it to a different place in the code i tried it in the canvas that is used to print image on screen.

Is it this ascii-art you try to save from that link?

  ___  ________________   _  _  __________  ________  __  ____
  /   |/  __/  __/  /  /\ | |/ |/ /  __/ , \/  __/   \/  |/   /\
 / ^  /__  /  /_/  /  / / |      /  __/ ,  /  /_/ ^  /       / /
/_/|_/____/____/__/__/ /  |__/__/____/____/____/_/|_/__/_/__/ / 
\_\\_\____\____\__\__\/   \__\\__\____\___\____\_\\_\__\_\__\/  

N.B. Inactivate javascript if you use Chrome on that link!
Tin hat tip: Cover your webcam blind when you surf about.

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No…not this…when we allow the webcam the picture is converted into an ascii image…which can be saved into a text file with copying the whole text…but i want to have assign a click button using ZeroClipboard to save the canvas image into a text file which can be downloaded…if its possible can you help me with this thing…thanks for replying…

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