Beginner - Help w/ Linking Text to Pics

Im currently working on a project for class and have been directed to use Javascript for what im looking to do.

Im a beginner when it comes to coding w/ javascript. Over the last couple days I’ve spent good time reading and practicing tutorials but have yet to do something I imagine is very basic for what I want to do. I have been using the onClick cmd to do what im looking for, but not much luck.

At the moment, im looking to insert text into a webpage, that links to images. The images, ideally will layer on top of each other (Multiple images can be shown based on the “text” which activates it) Images shown, if done what im looking for, will have a transparent background to view images set behind one another.

I’ve spent a couple hours looking up code through google, found similiar code which i’ve tried to manipulate to do what I want. I have yet to put something successful together. Was hoping I could look upon experience programmers to help me out by pointing me in the right direction. Im willing to do the work, just looking for that guidance :wink:

If you would like to show us what you have come up with for your class project, there are some people here who can help to give you some guidance.