Need help figuring out format & no output


Hello everyone. I'm very new at learning JavaScript and am currently trying to figure out why my code as it sits won't work. I have a JS Bin account and the file I'm having the trouble with is shared at the following link...

Please keep in mind that I'm practicing and trying different things to see how they interact. I'm not sure if it's me or something that I might have configured wrong on JS Bin.

Truthfully, I believe the problem probably lies with how I have the code arranged. I will greatly appreciate any help gently tweaking what I got, otherwise I won't learn from the mistakes made here.



Hi @doc3 and welcome to the forums.
By taking a look at the console there are several errors that need addressing:

Firstly you seem to be missing a double quote at the end of the following line :
document.getElementById("div1").innerHTML = "<p>" + "Temperature is " + temperature + "</p>;

Try addressing that and let us know if it still doesn't work.

All the best,



So yeah, pretty much the only things tripping you up atm are quotes and keeping straight when you've started and stopped a string.
The end of the line that Andres pointed out needs a " before the ;.
The /n's in your alert should have quotes around them, and +'s inserted before them. (Note that they're black in the editor, this is a hint. Any literal characters you're trying to output should be red in this editor. Things in black = variable names, etc.)
(Also the slash for escaping characters like newlines is \, rather than / :wink: )


Andres, worked great as far as displaying the temp in div... I had to complete the steps suggested by another member to get it to work fully. Thanks so much for your advice.


After making your suggested changes, the program worked perfectly... thanks a million for your assistance.


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