Javascript format html?

Hi folks im very new to js ok so I am trying to foreach this code but can’t make it happen:

for (var key in OnLoadArraySliced) {

OnLoadHtml += "<div id=\""+OnLoadArraySliced[key].UserId+"\">"+

"<div class=\"ow_user_list_picture\">
<div class=\"ow_avatar\">
<a href=\""+ OnLoadArraySliced[key].ProfileUrl + "\">
<img src=\""+ OnLoadArraySliced[key].AvatarUrl + "\">

<div class=\"ow_user_list_data\">
+ OnLoadArraySliced[key].UserName + 
<div class=\"ow_small\">



You don’t close the quotes around your function here:

<div class=\"ow_user_list_data\">
+ OnLoadArraySliced[key].UserName + 
<div class=\"ow_small\">

Otherwise, what happens that should not, or vice versa?

Thanks so much im only starting with js. Appreciate this.

Embedded quotes are always a pain - I try everything I can to not have to escape stuff inside strings - in your position I’d have used single-quotes:

OnLoadHtml += "<div id='"+OnLoadArraySliced[key].UserId+"'>"+

and so on.

Listen… You should to do something with your whole concept. To build HTML by JS so is absolutely nonsense.

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