Need advice on transfering SSL-enabled site from hosting to a localhost


I have a web site that has HTTPS. Right now I DO NOT have SSL
certificate installed on hosting. They charge extra for that. I want to
transfer my site to a localhost and then to install SSL on Apache
myself. So I wonder whether I should pay them and have them SSL
certificate installed on a hosting server and after that to copy to site
to a localhost OR to leave it alone as it is now and just install SSL
on Apache from scratch myself.

I ALREADY have SSL certificate installed as it was PRIOR to my
termination of my previous hosting account (when that archive ZIP file
was originally created). It’s already there files-wise, just not
installed yet on my new (current) hosting server. And though I don’t
feel like wasting $25 for their job to install SSL’s (I’ve got 2, but
they charge for a bulk of an extra 10+1 free that comes with the hosting
plan = 11 SSL’s alltogether), money is not a critical point here. What
is critical is the EASY path for me to get the job done. I’m not a big
expert when it comes to system administration and Apache. And I’m a
complete novice in Linux (I use W7/Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop edition
dual-boot box).

You would create a self-signed certificate on your local. I have used puphpet to set-up a vm that does it for you. You just need to make sure there is a vhost entry that duplicates the port 80 entry but uses port 443 once everything is in place.


oddz’s response is correct for your localhost - you just don’t need anything but self-installed certs on your text computer.

HOWEVER, I have to drop back because it seems as if you want to run your website off your own localhost and that has me worried (because you don’t have the expertise nor the ability to monitor your computer 24/7/365¼.

If you are on a VPS or dedi server, you can use your cPanel to create a self-signed cert (to chase potential paying visitors away) or update your old cert (with the CA - then install the updated code they’ll send to you). Since you claim to be a novice with system administration, I’d recommend that you have your host make those updates for you.

11 SSLs?!? Perhaps a wildcard cert might be worth considering as it should cover all your domains (and avoid the monthly charges for each dedicated IP address for each SSL).

My recommendation would be to think outside the box a bit, get recommendations from your host and from a CA that you trust, evaluate their information and go from there.



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