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I need some advice on choosing an SSL provider. My host recommends I go for an SSL providers in order to have SSL option available. The current website is a WP site, and the login is transmitted unsecurly, this is therefore the need for a SSL providers. I am not sure how much they cost or where to go for this as I’ve never dealt with this before.

I hope somebody can shed light on the matter.

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SSL is not a big problem. I am also using this on my website.
Please check with your host whether they will install the certificate or not.
And whether installation will be free of cost or not.

Good luck.

The hosting company charged 15 USD for the installation request, as a dedicated IP is needed they charge additional 24 USD per year. They recommended I go to Google and find an SSL provider, the endless results hardly helped me figuring which is the best. I am kind of lost. I am very happy with my host and I want to remain with them by using an SSL provider.

Your vendor charge seems right. A SSL cert requires dedicated IP for your site, and $24/year cost is correct. Even you can find out some cheaper offers (might be $12/year), but as you mentioned that you are very happy with your host, you should stay with them. The difference is not much ($1/month) enough for your risk to move to a new host.

Can I ask $15 is for installation only? Or it’s for one year of SSL cert already?

This does not include the SSL certificate. I have to go elsewhere for this. I am incredibly happy with my host, they’ve been very good to me and I am really grateful to them. They told me that I needed to hop over to Google and find a SSL provider I trust/want to use. This is kind of where I have the problem. I love my host and I want certification from somewhere else so I can continue using the hosting service.

The few SSL certificates I have I got from namecheap. Just the $10 a year el cheapo option. If all you’re really going for is encryption of credentials and aren’t doing any financial transactions etc these simple certificates are good enough IMHO.

Verisign and Comodo are the leaders in SSL certificates. We are using Comodo and their range starts from 10$/month

Your hosts should also provide SSL certificate. If not try any other host. It doesn’t seem good even without a SSL certificate.

Nothing wrong with a host who doesn’t provide SSL. SSL is just an add-on service for a hosting vendor, they can choose to provide or not. It’s not affecting to the quality of service.

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I feel happy to assist you on choosing ssl provider.
Symantec(VeriSign), RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte are reputed brand name in SSL Industry.