Need a webhost

I need a webhost that allows nudity (not pornography). Person i know is a model and some of her photos may contain nudity. She’s looking a good, reliable, webhost for her new website.

Anyone got any suggestions for a good Linux host with PHP / MySQL?

{snip}. thanks in advance.

If you want to host legal adult content I don’t think it would be difficult to find a reliable host. Better you could have posted your requirement in marketplace in specific section.

Hello Robbie,

You will find a majority fo webhosts that will allow Adult Content running Apache on their servers, As LiteSpeed users are restricted to adult content I would refrain signing up with hosts that will allow it even though it is restricted via LiteSpeed License Agreement :slight_smile:

Most Webhosts will support PHP and MySQL.

What I can recommend you is visiting netpod forums. I believe there you will find all the issues discussed there

Look through shared web hosting offers. I suppose that will be allowed (your content)
To double check look through the TOS

Thank you for all of your replies!

I was hoping to receive some specific company names. Anyone got any?

Almost all the hosting providers support php and MySQL on the hosting packages and hence you shouldn’t face any problem in finding a reliable hosting provider who offers these features with the hosting packages. When it comes to nudity, hosting legal adult content is allowed in the internet industry and due to this, most of the hosting providers allow you to host legal adult content on the servers :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Hostgator for a long while now, and it’s always been reliable. While I don’t use them for hosting such content, I know that they allow adult sites as long as they’re legal. Nudity should not be an issue.

On this page you can see the uptime of two servers I use and monitor there, as well as that of some other hosts:

Or maybe I don’t understand your question correctly, and you want a host that allows nudity but doesn’t allow pornography? Now that might make for a tough searching process. :slight_smile:

Look through the web hosting companies offering shared web hosting. Send them sampleas of the pictures you would like to host to preview

I google a company who allows adult video hosting is

Just check there TOS not quit sure but in google results I found them with some good reviews.

I do not know what are your technical requirements, but I know serverpoint .com, may meet your reliability and professionalism request.

This is a worthy host as for me.

Actually, they do, and always have:

Do you allow adult sites?
Yes, we allow adult sites. They must be legal in the United States of America.

theres many decent hosting companies out there, Godaddy, hostgator, or Data pipe. Also nobody ever seems to mention Global domains international, I have been with them for quite some time and they are very reliable

i think most of web hosting providers may host your website because you are telling it contains less nudity…

I have been using dreamhost and thinkhost for a couple of years now, works great so far

ultrawebsitehosting is a great host. I’ve been with them for 8 months now. I had trouble installing coppermine on one of my sites and it was a problem on my side. The guy “his name is David” installed it for me on his side. I was introduced to them by a friend and I’m glad I went with them. Haven’t regretted it.

cool thanks guys…


bro, this thread isnt just about ‘good hosting’ its about hosts that will allow nudity. do those hosts allow nudity?

Sure it allow. But only till 3rd instances/company are asking to close it.
But in general I agree to host nudity website.

im looking for a host that will allow nudity, that will compete or match bluehost’s prices and features