Need a good headline

Hi I am creating three image blocks on my main page, in order to give it a little bit more zest and attract clients.

One block will have the words “Wordpress Experts”, the next will have Äffordable Services" and for the remaining one, which I would like to point to a Testimonials page, I am still undecided. I don’t want to call it Testimonials, I want a phrase that is more catchy, without sounding too proud (as in something like “Clients love us”). Any good ideas? Thanks

How about “Our Report Card”…

Maybe a bit bland, but it was the first thing that jumped to mind, and may be grist for the mill…

Client Feedback
Ask our Clients
What clients Say

I agree, ‘Client Feedback’ sounds fine to me. It’s clear, unambiguous and doesn’t try to be clever. People will happily click on that.


Well, if you’re worried about blowing your own horn, nothing does that like “Wordpress Experts.” First it’s technology centric, and suggests an unfamiliarity with accomplishing the reason the blog was started in the first place.

Nobody cares about Wordpress. The thing that makes you an expert is accomplishing things nobody knew they could do with a blog – Wordpress or not. And sorry, a Flash header is not an accomplishment.

For testimonials, one headline which pulls is “Here are People Who Took Action…” It really cab also depend on the content of the testimonial. Fifty vapid “they installed it, put in the stock photo cliches I outright dictated, and skinned it just the way I told them to” doesn’t do much but verify how you take design dictation.

If you have designed a wordpress blog to reach a goal, like reduce project management time (there are special blogging techniques – and even a special name for such blogs) by 17.2% and project cost by 22.1%, the use “Results Speak Louder Than Words…”

But since most shops are even vaguely aware what the clients use the blog for, and the vast majority have no goals whatsoever, Testimonials should suit just fine.

thanks for the opinions guys, will probably go with ‘Client Feedback’.

Another is “Clients Say”

You should really try 3 or 4 and test them.

Use the Google tool and rotate them through
to see the REAL winner. It really does not
matter what anyone here, or you, thinks is
a good headline …it only matters what
converts the best.

It will work differently on different minds. But for the search engines, rules are universal.
The real keyword will wight in the eyes of search engines, different keywords work according to psychology of reader.

“Client Love” works for me!