A Better Way to Say "Testimonials"

I’d like to provide a link to customer testimonials but I’m very wary of using the word “testimonials”. Most of the time, when I see a website provide a link to their testimonials, I always get the idea that they’re trying hard to prove something… which makes me doubt them even more. But at this point, I’ve decided to use the link myself. But I think it would be best to use a better word than “testimonials”? That word seems a little shoddy, a bit tacky. Any suggestions? :o

In the past I’ve used:

What our customers are saying…
Our customers
Why choose ABC Widgets?

Essentially, think of how you would work it into a conversation and use the same wording.

Oh, those are good. Thank you! :cool:

When speaking with clients, I refer to testimonials as “what our other clients have said about us” or “what other clients have found”, or even “I have another client in a similar situation as yours and what they found when we did…for them was…”

It sounds more “3rd party” and honest, as potential customers will always want to know about other client’s experiences before investing their money. This really helps build rapport and often gets them across the line.

In print, I call it “What our Customers are saying.”.

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Ava Lucanus
Edge Communication

You could also play with it and make it a bit more fun and friendly (depending on what kind of business you run), I’ve seen stuff like “Our fans”, “Listen to our customers”, “Are we liked?”, all you really need to do is express it in a positive light and state your clients / customers / users are giving out their two cents. :slight_smile:

Here’s part of our e-mail signature:

Want to hear what other clients are saying?

Though I’m now seriously considering “Are we liked?” :slight_smile: I think there’ll be more chances folks would get interested when it’s put like this…

How about customer reviews? That is what Amazon does. Because they include the negatives, positive reviews appear authentic.

Customer Reviews sounds rather “stale” and industrial… making it friendlier would be a better way to keep readers interested, the only thing I would say is “Want to hear what our other clients are saying” sounds like a mouthful (and their not technically hearing, their reading). :slight_smile:

If you say “what another client found” or “what our other clients often say” in conversation, it sounds authentic, and you see their interest level suddenly increase as they want to hear what you’re going to say next.:slight_smile: