MYSQlADMIN password set up issue -SP Book

Hello there, I’m currently reading the “BUILD YOUR OWN DATABASE DRIVEN WEB
SITE USING PHP & MYSQL” By KEVIN YANK, now i did everything as he explains to install all the programs in Windows. Actually I had install them before, following an article from I believe the same author, which I found by browsing.
Now The Apache and PHP are working great, but MYSQL is not. I did create an account and password with the Sun Microsystems I believe, but when I follow the instructions in the book to reset the root password, is not working.
I restarted my computer and tried several times to run this at the command prompt:

mysqladmin -u root -p password “newpassword”
(obviously replacing these part with my own password).
But nothing is working. How else can I see what’s so wrong with mysql?

Thank you.

Never mind. I tried re-installing MYSQL and tried setting the password from there. Then the system informed me that I had an existing password, so I luckily remembered it and got in.
Thank you!