Mysql help please

Im totally new to php. mysql etc, but eager to learn.

I have installed wamp from this site and now I thought I was ready to start learning, but I have a problem.
When I open mysql to enter command, its just asking for password, I have just clicked enter and i get a bit of blurb but even when I enter in code to set new password, it doesnt do anything and sometimes the command box just dissapears.

I think I may have something missing on installation, or Im entering code in wrong??? can anyone please help??

Im running windows 7
Thanks in advance

Have you tried logging into MySQL via phpMyAdmin?

Enter “http://localhost/” in to the address bar of your browser (once you’ve started up wamp).

You’ll see the WAMP Server home page, one section of that is called “Tools”, there is a link to phpMyAdmin. It’ll probably ask you for a valid user name and password to login.

The config file for phpMyAdmin (assuming you installed wamp onto the C drive is found at C:\wamp\apps\phpmyadmin and is called The name of the phpmyadmin may vary depending on the exact version of phpmyadmin you’re using.

I personally prefer testing any query against MySQL via phpMyAdmin as you don’t have to retype any given query to correct a minor mistake and also if your testing a query from a php script you can just copy and paste the query into phpMyAdmin after echoing it in the relevant script.

You can set the user access to MySQL via phpMyAdmin, create a user there to access MySQL (then edit the details in phpMyAdmin’s config file to match) and delete the default user.

Caution: Whatever you do don’t ever touch in any way either the mysql or information_schema databases as messing around with either of them will break MySQL