Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL - mysql problem

Hello, I have started reading this book and have become stuck very early on.
I have installed wamp, php and mysql.

I cannot get mysql console to open by using the command line prompt. And I cannot open mysqladmin console using command line prompt. I set system path in Windows as specified in instructions but things are not working and I am confused.
My question is this…

When adding to the Windows system path,do I put the path to my wamp folder or the path to my separate mysql software I installed?

I have tried both paths & neither makes the console work. It flashes up very quickly with a large amount of text & disappears so quickly I do not know what it is saying.

Also now wamp will not start at all.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Wamp includes MySQL and PHP. There should be no need to install them separately.

I have the impression that it is working fine. Mysqladmin instruction needs some modifiers… Let’s say that you want to print the current configuation: you would need to type mysqladmin -?.

I think that the list of text it is being shown to you is, precisly, the help.

I installed each program one by one and I had never used the wamp installation so sure if this is going to help but…

To know if MySQL is running, and that Apache is running you only need to go to the Task Manager and select the processes tab.

If Apache has started and running, you will have a service called ApacheMonitor.exe in the processes.

If mySQL is running, you will have a process named mysqld-net.exe or similar.

If those services are up and running, that’s a start. If they’re not running, then you need to start them.

I have PHP, MySQL and Apache in separate routes, so that you have your wamp folder separate from MySLQ shouldn’t be a problem.

To use mySQL you need to go to where you installed mySQL. Let’s say that it is under c:\mySQL.

When you open the prompt command window, leave c:\Documents and settings\whateverUser and go to c:\

Then move to the MySQL folder

Inside the mysql folder, you can have another folder named MySQL Server 5.0. Go inside it.

Then you have a folder called bin (do a dir to read the list of folders). That’s the one you want so go inside it.

Then execute the instruction you need to start mysql (it seems that you want to use mysqladmin… then type mysqladmin and whatever modfier you need to use to do what you want to do) and the instructions…

If you want the help but you don’t want the text to run so fast, type mysqladmin -? |more

When you use |more, it will fill the screen and will only print a second screen when you hit enter so you have time to read everything.

Hello, Yes I am aware wamp has mysql guido2004. However the guide tells you to also install mysql separately, so I followed the instructions.

I know mysql is running as task manager was my first port of call. But I cannot perform needed functions if I cannot access mysqladmin.
I have mysql and apache running.

I tried your suggestion of command prompt mysqladmin -? |more and still the console flashes up very quickly with lots of text and I do not know what it is saying.

I tried many files in the bin directory and all of them bring up the console so quick I cannot read and I cannot do anything. The only one that works is mysql and I cannot do anything I need with this console anyway.
I have also tried the files in the bin directory for wamp mysql and still the console flashes up very quickly and I cannot do anything.