MySQL and RT90 gps

I am working on a page with some local gps things stored in a mysql db.
I am looking up an address on a map and then I want to add the address and gps location to my db.
Maybe there is something made that I can use already for this. Some code that is made by someone to just copy and modify? If it’s even possible to make.

I just want to save some time to not copy and paste every single info for every insert.
Just writing the address (street, number and city). Then get the RT90 coordinates and add them to the db.
Any ideas or have anyone seen something like this?

I’m new to gps coordinates and maps like this.

Why don’t you use an external service like Google Maps?

Well, Google Maps is used, but I want to store some data in my table. This is then fetched from the db and showed on a Google Map.
So I’m just looking for something to store the data. Is this possible with Google Maps? To write the address and click on the spot and have that gps inserted when clicking on it?
What I do now is copy and paste the address and then when I get the RT90 coordinates I copy and paste them into my table.
Maybe I can skip the gps and just use the address… never thought about that.

I assume that if you have the coordinates, Google Maps would give you the address. Or maybe not, it may be a security issue and just give you an approximation

I would also think that there are ways to automate this… I know that there are some plugins for FF to do your own macros. Maybe one of them could be of help.

I don’t know IFTTT could be of assistance…

Although I guess that the most effective could be creating your own script using Google’s API because I’m sure that the information will be there

I haven’t searched if that script is alreayd built. Haven’t had the time

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