Google Maps

On one of my pages I would like a user to input their street, street number and city. Then I would like to get the longitude and latitude coordinates out of that info to be stored in my db.
Does anyone know where to find a code for that? I guess it would be Google maps or something similar?
And I guess the must be some code already made to achieve this info?
Anyone know where to find it or how to write this?

haven’t done that exact thing myself but i do use quite often and that has similar functionality to what you are describing.

Might be something useful in it as you should be able to look at the code as it’ll be client side.


I found this one, but didn’t understand how to get the result.

I have used functions before.
Do you get a result from that?
Is it possible to change the Wall Street part to strings that I have maybe?
But since I don’t get any result output with this… I’m not sure…

actually thinking about it i have done part of this before. If you visit my page here and select ‘jellyfish’ and just do continue the second part of the form has a google map and if you click it will move the pin and populate the lat long fields above.

I’m just off work now so can’t help anymore than that today but hopefully that is useful.

Actually I just need three fields to write the street, street number and city.
Then just get the gps coordinates as two strings.
The country is added to the field by me.

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