My Social Media Per Page

Not sure if this is the correct place so apologies if not

My social media icons on thetop right show a different number per page. Can I make this so its uniform across the site (Particuarly the facebook like one?)

From what I can tell, those buttons are specific to each page, so if someone clicks Like on the home page, it’s a like for that page, rather than for the whole site.

Yes, they are for every page. You can put a reccomend button on your home page if you want it to be famous :slight_smile:

Thanks both

I like the ‘share’ buttons to be per page but the FB like button to be the same thourghout. BNot sure which is best for my SEO

I’ll have a look into the reccomend button as I’ve never coem across that before

Google spider and all other tool calculate your likes of Facebook page by consider the site page. If your web sites home page get likes than it calculate your home like, if it get likes for your sites inner page than it calculate inner pages like not calculate Home page likes.