My First JQuery Programme

I have created a small pen here →

I have glanced almost everything that I read here today W3S

My intention is to change the amount on the basis of the selection.

But I got stuck at this line →


I think this is not going to be simple - some mathematics is involved. Please guide me how to or perhaps suggest me ay further reading.

I promptly thank you for all the help.

Addendum: I have added a set of data-value probably that will be helpful.

Yup. So instead of pulling the .val, pull the .attr() for the correct attribute.

Alternatively, implement jQuery’s own .data() management. But i’d probably stick with the attribute for now. Cleaner.

I browsed that link. so what is the test here? It doesn’t seem either to be an ID or a Class here.

That’s not a test, it’s a key.

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Got it sir.

Based on my 1 or 2 days understanding of basics of JQuery I have written a small code just to fetch the vale of what is selected, but I could not publish(in alert box) that →


Your select boxes have a class. That is the selector for an ID.

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Oh sorry, but even fixing that doesnt solve the issue.

Our “job” as such here is not so much to solve your issue, but more of helping you to find the next step towards a solution.

So there are two things wrong with the current version:
#1: You fixed it in the wrong direction. Make your selector the class one, you cant have two elements with the same ID.
#2: Your codepen doesnt have jquery loaded.

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Thanks. code doesn’t have any issues, but silly mistakes. I will remember to load JQuery in codepen in future for sure.

Alert: we use is to check if the code is working. Can you please guide me what should I do next. I believe some math and some conditions are needed now to generate output which may require adding more than one prices selected.

I believe that something like this will be the solution →

$(document).ready(function() {        
    $(".myactivity").click(function(event) {
        var total = 0;
        //some code here to do mathematical calculations
        if (total == 0) {
        } else {                

But this code →
//some code here to do mathematical calculations

should have some mathematical code - I am missing that link.

I got the rest of the idea from JQuery DOM manipulation.

Well, let’s go back to the basics of programming.

Describe in words what you want to do, step by step, to determine what total should equal.

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