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    About this forum

    The Review a Host (and Domain Registrar) Forum is designed to allow members to post comments about their hosting experience with various hosts. It is NOT meant to be a place to vent frustrations but to post an honest reviews, the GOOD as well as the BAD.

    It's important to note that this forum is only for reviews. If you have a question about a host, or want to know how different hosts compare for example, go to the Web Hosting forum.

    Hosts must NOT start a thread but are allowed to respond to a post so long as ALL comments are kept civil.

    Please use our Review A Host Template and limit your comments to a single host and include the host name in the Summary (title) of the thread.

    The Web Hosting Forum Rules carry over here, too. Summarized:

    The rules
    1. If you are a host or registrar, you may not advertise, link or post an offer via these forums, PM or email. Similarly, affiliate links are prohibited.

    2. If someone posts an unfavorable review regarding you or your company, you may post a reply. You must be civil; anything that looks like it's heading for a flame war will be cleaned up and the participants dealt with.

    3. If you feel a review is unfairly biased, you're welcome to either report the post or PM a forum moderator and we can sort it out from there.

    Violation of these rules will be dealt with by the moderators, i.e., your thread will be removed !

    Member help in reporting violations will be appreciated.

    Review A Host Template

    While most people will be reviewing a host, please try to make the following fit any registrar's service, too.

    You must specify (mandatory):
    • that you are not the host and that you are not affiliated with the host.
      Threads which do not comply will be removed.
    • how long you have been/were hosted
    • whether or not you are still hosted
    • what plan(s) (e.g., shared, reseller and VPS or dedicated [managed or unmanaged]) you have/had and
    • which domain(s) (without http:// and/or www) you have/had hosted with them

    TITLE: Start with the host's name as it makes finding a specific host easier.

    TOPICS: Please cover features such as the following and include your rating of the company with numeric (e.g., [8/10]) or verbal (e.g., [excellent, good, satisfactory, bad or unsatisfactory]) values. Providing a reason for your score would be most helpful.

    General Features [rating]
    What you like or don't like about their general features (e.g.: Do they use the latest server, database, PHP, PERL, etc? Do they provide dedicated IP addresses? Secure server availability and cost? Do they allow access to cgi-bin and .htaccess?).

    Reliability [rating]
    What you like or don't like about their reliability (e.g.: Are they down often? For long periods? Do they let you know about downtime and estimated time to repair?).

    Customer Support [rating]
    What you like or don't like about their customer support (e.g., Timeliness, ability to resolve your issues, language).

    Pricing [rating]
    What you like or don't like about their pricing (e.g. value for money).

    Space [rating]
    What you like or don't like about their storage space (e.g., too little, expandable to suit your needs, "unlimited").

    Speed [rating]
    What you like or don't like about the speed (i.e., their connection to the Internet, the impact of shared CPU, etc.) provided to your websites.

    Bandwidth (Data Transfer) [rating]
    What you like or don't like about the bandwidth alloted (e.g., too little, expandable to suit your needs, "unlimited").

    SUMMARY [rating]
    The Good
    Please summarize the things that you do like about the service you've received.

    The Bad
    Please summarize the things that you don't like about the service you've received.

    Your opinion
    Would you recommend this company to others?

    Thanks! Your contribution will help others!
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