My e-commerce site look plain

Hi everybody

How to avoid my website not look too plain for this one <snip>

I would need some advice on the text as I´m not a native English speaking person and I ´m not sure about it.

Every and any opinion is highly appreciated.

Well, the site you linked to is just a bunch of pictures w/ product descriptions. Although it’s true that that is what an ecommerce site is, I’d want you to spice it up. Have a homepage that has some content - an explanation of what the site is, what it sells, how to use it, etc. That can add some more info and “stuff”, which will spice it up. That’s where you would want to put in a lot of design thought and effort.

For the actual e-commerce “buy this” page, I think you would want a category selection to the side, a navbar up top, and maybe some whitespace on the right.


thanks for your comment.

so I need to add some contents on my homepage. I already reduce the product listing from 100 to 20 only because it looks to messy.

what do you mean for the actual “buy this” page?

Hello revivalx,

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