Any Advice for My eCommerce Site?

I have been involved with the online publishing industry for a long time, but I recently setup an e-commerce business to help a group that I work with in Latin America. This is my first foray into e-commerce, so I think I’m in need of a little advice!

I spent about $100 (free coupon) trying out some Google AdWords (using longer keywords that include words like “buy” and things) but haven’t had that much luck in making sales. I’m setting up a blog/FB/twitter now to help promote it, too.

I was wondering what changes you’d all recommend? More photos? Better copywriting? Additional details? What’s missing? Also, I’m not mentioning the name in this thread (to keep this out of search engines), but do you think the name is turning people off?

Here’s a link to the website

Thanks in advance for any advice!

i think your website looks good.

for new sites it very challenging make first sales.
you can consider using ebay, amazon, google base etc.

i wont personally spend too much on adwords or any ppc campaign.

I would say your title and meta description tags need to be more descriptive, adding keywords from your main copy and from what you hope people will be searching on to find your site.

Good looking site but I’d tighten up the vertical spacing between your products on the home page.

I would not go for google ads. You will waste money.
Try first with ebay or Amazon.

I think you need add certificate for you transaction.

When I test transaction to buy some product.
Browser warning "This Connection is Untrusted"

More photos, especially on the new products on the left sidebar… better if you integrate ajax on the add to cart button like the ones here:

I think you have to concern about transaction security on your site. As per my opinion you should have SSL Certificate to secure your website.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve started to implement some of it already and am noticing some increase in conversion rate. Regarding the SSL, it seems to be showing up as secure for me. I’ll look into it, however, and see if there’s any reason it might not be functioning properly…

When i hit check out, it turns to https for me.

Some browsers are fussy about images or any other includes on your page that have an insecure URL. Check the path to any externally hosted JavaScript. Be sure to test your site on Chrome, IE7 and 8, Safari on Mac and Firefox. There are enough differences between all to warrant separate testing, and security is one such difference.